Here are the Most Beautiful Maine Scenic Drives

During your stay on Deer Isle, you will be surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. These landscapes extend along the Downeast coast of Maine, making for beautiful waterfront, forest, and meadow views. This blend of natural elements makes for some wonderful Maine scenic drives. Hop in the car, roll the windows down (or leave them up if it’s chilly), and enjoy the views as you make your way along the coastline. There are so many gorgeous places to explore in Maine, but some of our favorites surround Pilgrim’s Inn right alongside the coastline. From beach and boating towns full of activity to quiet coastal forests, the scenery never gets old. You will be inspired and rejuvinated after your journey along one of these Maine scenic drives. Here are just a couple of options near Pilgrim’s Inn!

Acadia Byway

This coastal zig-zag is one of the most popular Maine scenic byways, extending along the gorgeous waterfront of the Atlantic Ocean and providing incredible views of forests, cliffs, beaches, and more. On a map, the 3-hour route along the Acadia Byway looks like a maze of roads. However, its intention is to get the most out of the coastline. Follow along the edge for the most spectacular views. This is a road that you want to get lost on; there’s no prettier place!

Along the Acadia Byway, you will discover a variety of attractions, from the Anemone Cave to Thunder Hole to Sand Beach. Cadillac Mountain is a grand player along the craggy coast, standing as the highest East Coast peak north of Rio de Janeiro. It also serves as a fantastic foothold for the first glimpse of the sunrise each morning. Other features along this popular selection of Maine scenic drives include the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Abbe Museum, and Mount Desert Oceanarium.

Blue Hill Peninsula

Who says your Maine scenic drives have to span an entire coastline? A shorter trek along the Blue Hill Peninsula will take you through Sedgwick, Brooksville, and Brooklin and can carry you along to Blue Hill, Penobscot, and Castine before looping back around. You will experience the essence of coastal Maine without fighting the crowds. Off the beaten path, this choice of Maine scenic drives will provide a rolling landscape dotted with granite, spruce, ponds, farmsteads, and artistic barn houses.

You will get an authentic taste of picturesque Maine as you circle around the peninsula. Discover hand-dyed silk and wool at the Eggemoggin Textile Studio and “the world’s smallest bookstore” at Pushcart Press Bookstore in Sedgwick. In Brooklin, stop by Betsy’s Sunflower for intriguing gifts, books, and garden goods. Indulge in the Sow’s Ear Winery in Brooksville for blueberry, chokecherry, and rhubarb wines. Buck’s Harbor Market is also another great stop to pick up picnic fixings and sandwiches for your lunch-break adventures!

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn

These are just a couple of the best Maine scenic drives to experience during your stay in Deer Isle. There is so much more to see and explore, but these are two great routes to begin your journey! Then, once your day of adventure is over, settle in at Pilgrim’s Inn for some much-needed vacation relaxation. Curl up in your luxurious yet charming room and then wake up in the morning to a delicious hand-prepared breakfast. For more to see and do near Deer Isle, download our free vacation guide!