Why You Need to Attend the Acadia Birding Festival

Maine is known for its gorgeous landscapes, from forested mountains to rocky coasts. And here in Downeast Maine, you will discover a variety of wildlife to observe and appreciate. Among this wildlife are several varieties of local and migrant birds. Because of our abundance of feathered friends, the Downeast Coast is a great place for birding events and festivals. From the annual Wings Waves and Woods Festival to the Downeast Spring Birding Festival, you will discover many fantastic activities, tours, and seminars involving birds and bird experts. One of the most popular is the Acadia Birding Festival in the beautiful Acadia National Park. Discover more about why you need to attend this magnificent festival!

For more information on birding in Maine, download our free Vacation Guide. It features a variety of local wildlife and outdoor activities you will love, including the annual Acadia Birding Festival.

Four Days of Birding in Acadia National Park!

The four-day Acadia Birding Festival is the perfect event for bird lovers and nature explorers of all kinds! Whether you’re looking to hike some beautiful peaks in the Acadia National Park or enjoy educational tours and workshops about our feathered friends, there are plenty of opportunities during this premier festival. From Bar Harbor puffins to a variety of unique species on the Acadia Bird List, you will discover some truly beautiful creatures. Held in late May and early June, the Acadia Birding Festival 2017 is an ideal summer activity. Enjoy a range of field trips, boat trips, island trips, kayak adventures, and keynote speeches all involving the birds in Acadia National Park.  

Acadia Birding Festival Downeast Bird Watching and Nature Tours

The schedule of events during the Acadia Birding Festival includes four full days of varying activities. These are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, with several already full in advance of the festival. Be sure to book your favorites now! Bird lovers will appreciate trips to birding hotspots in the national park, including Seal Cove, Ship Harbor, Beech Mountain, and Otter Cliff. Boat trips then will include a trip along Northeast Creek and a Pelagic Seabird expedition. A ferry ride to Frenchboro and Long Island is another unique option. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can enjoy an evening Owl and Night Creature Prowl. There will be a photography workshop for those looking to capture birds in motion on film and talks on identifying seabirds, avian piscivores, and more! There are also some post-festival events if you miss out on any of the previously mentioned activities.

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn During the Acadia Birding Festival

During one of the biggest festivals of the year in Downeast Maine, you will need a place to stay for the weekend! At Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle, you can continue your nature and birding retreat. Our beautiful bed and breakfast is located directly next to a large mill pond and within a short drive to some amazing hikes and coastal habitats. Discover even more feathered friends when you stay at our inn! There are even some right off the porch in our lush garden and among the many trees surrounding the pond. Swing in our hammock by the pond or look out on the water at our wooden bench in the backyard. Our relaxing atmosphere is sure to provide a soothing oasis in between your exciting birding adventures!