Four Season Farm Is One of the Best Organic Farms

One of our favorite parts of Downeast Maine is the love of fresh food. Maine has become known for its organic farms, fresh seafood, and eco-friendly and sustainable agricultural practices. The Back to the Land Movement has brought simplicity and personal care into farming that has begun a decline in modern farming. One of our favorite organic farms in Downeast Maine is Four Season Farm. This stretch of land specializes in organic and sustainable farming. When you stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you can visit farms and try some amazing restaurants featuring farm-to-table cuisine. Even our restaurant, Whale’s Rib Tavern, always makes sure to use the freshest ingredients in our cooking!

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About the Four Season Farm

Four Season Farm is located in Harborside, Maine, about 40 minutes away from Pilgrim’s Inn. This farm is an experimental market garden owned and operated by Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman, who are also well-known writers. The farm itself is taken care of by Clara Coleman and Charles Finks. They have found ways to produce vegetables year-round as they experiment with small-scale farming. All of their vegetables are produced completely organically with absolutely no pesticides. Instead, they use the “pests” as indicators for what the plant needs. They are truly in-tune with their fruits and vegetables, and it shows!

Where You Can Find Four Season Farm Produce

Four Season Farm only sells its produce within 40 miles of the farm to ensure fresh food and to promote the huge value community agriculture can bring. Find their produce anywhere from their own farm stands to local stores and restaurants. Their Summer Farmstand has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Here, you’ll find some of the best fruits, vegetables, and flowers grown in the whole state. During your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you can stock up on some produce, then cook a feast when you get home after your vacation!

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn

For a delightful Downeast Maine experience, come stay at Pilgrim’s Inn. You can find our inn on Deer Isle on a gorgeous expanse of land. Choose from comfortable accommodations; we have everything from spacious guestrooms to cozy cottages perfect for longer stays. While everything in Maine is pretty spread out, our bed and breakfast is located on the main street of Deer Isle, so you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Make a reservation during your stay at our restaurant to experience some farm-to-table cooking! We use local ingredients like products from Four Season Farm to give you a true taste of Maine. We look forward to having you!