5 of the Best Ways to Enjoy Bangor City Forest

photo of beautiful green forest with sun shining through. Text reads access our vacation guide.Downeast, ME, serves a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Set between lush foliage, rocky coastlines, and beautiful blue skies, this peaceful locale abounds with natural wonders and outdoor adventures. Bangor City Forest is an excellent attraction to add to your itinerary! Read on to learn about the best things to do in the forest. Then, check out our free Vacation Guide to learn more about what the area has to offer!

5 Things to Do in Bangor City Forest

1. Hike Along Nature Trails

The trails that wind their way through Bangor City Forest are relatively easy to trek. With a little of 17 miles of trails to explore, who knows what flora and fauna you might encounter? Here are just a handful of the almost 20 trails along which you can venture:

The Bear Trail (3,430 ft.)

The terrain features peat moss, rocks, roots, and heavy tree cover.

The Bog Trail (2,623 ft.)

The terrain features peat moss, rocks, roots, heavy vegetation, and tree cover.

The Deer Trail (3,164 ft.)

This is just an easy trail featuring packed gravel.

The Moose Trail (4,288 ft.)

The terrain features peat moss, rocks, roots, moderate vegetation, and tree cover.

The Skunk Trail (1,008 ft.)

The terrain features overgrowth, peat moss, some stones, debris, and wetland.

The West Trail (12,144 ft.)

This is just an easy trail featuring packed gravel.

2. Observe Local Flora and Fauna

As the names of the trails might lend you to believe, you may stumble upon various forest creatures while adventuring. Porcupines, beavers, rabbits, deer, raccoons, birds, and more all make their home in this charming forest. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to observe the lush foliage and rich plant life that grows in Maine as well.

3. Explore the Orono Bog via Boardwalk

The East Trail leads you to the Orono Bog Boardwalk! Here, you can admire the ecology without getting your feet wet! Bird lovers can revel in the vast array of rare species that make their homes here.

4. Bring Your Pup

If you’re looking for pet-friendly adventures to embark on with your furry friend, then you’re in luck! This forest is dog-friendly. Sniff out some of the best spots for a picnic with your pup and enjoy quality time exploring the area! Just be courteous and clean up after them.

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5. Try Forest Bathing

Perhaps you have heard of the forest bathing trend! Downeast is one of the best places to let go of the stresses of your everyday life and get lost in nature. Let the forest fill your senses, heal your body, and revitalize your soul.

Relax. Explore. Restore.

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